UFP Film Club Film Review – “Death On The Nile”

UFP Film Club Film Review – Death On The Nile
by Dean Mathura (UFP Film Club volunteer)
Agatha Christies Legendary character, Hercule Poirot returns in the third screen adaptation, Death On The Nile seeing Kenneth Branaugh reprise his role which worked so well for him in the 2017 film Murder On The Orient Express.
I must give credit to Kenneth Branagh’s performance for he is once again pretty solid as Poirot. To think he also serves as the film’s director this guy is talent like no another. The film is decent and been a whike since we had a murder mystery/ who done it movie in the cinema. I felt the rest of the casts performance bar Russell Brand who was surprisingly good in his role were not on the same level as Branagh.
Armie Hammer was hamming it up with a disgraceful British accent. Gal Gadot (best known for playing Wonder Woman) does her usual stuff apart from beat everyone up. It was great seeing the classic British comedy duo French and Saunders on screen together again. But Emma Mackey was one of the most important characters (without spoiling anything) and had to be the glue to keeping this film afloat. However she fails at playing this pivitol character without putting much effort in apart from having good make up and hair. Harsh but a performance is everything.
The story is typical Poirot material, a who done it murder mystery. This time the characters are stuck on a large boat and someone gets murdered. Lucky they have the best detective on their boat to save the day and reveal the culprit in a classicly tense finale.
I would say this is definitely worth watching at the cinema and there are some good moments of intrigue and suspense. However, if you can’t make it to a cinema for whatever reason, check out the slightly superior Murder On The Orient Express. To be fair, you’ll probably want another enjoyable 2 hours trying to figure out who murdered who.

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