UFP Film Club Film Review – House of Gucci

by Dean Mathura (UFP Film Club volunteer)
Gaga looked determined to win best actress after losing out on a star is born and used the tried and tested technique of method acting, in anticipation of winning the Oscar next year. This year hasn’t been great for films though, so she’s actually got a decent chance of winning. Saying that though, she actually played the character of a scorned obsessive woman incredibly well.
Adam driver was solid as a guy who wasn’t massively confident in himself until lady gaga turned up and groomed him. Turns him against his family when it really wasn’t needed.
Irons was decent as the dying Gucci father who disapproved of gaga and rightly so.
Pacino was OK, quite flamboyant but seemed as if he didn’t fully embrace the character.
My favourite though was Jared Leto who hammed it up royally. I couldn’t stop laughing with his over the top performance.
The real life tradegy would be better as a documentary though.
I did learn something new about Tom Ford though, I always wondered what he was about.
As a result, the film turned out OK, but I’d say wait until its on Channel 5 (UK broadcaster) or find a documentary about the real life events of this tragedy¬† instead.

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