Our Pick of The Week- “The Batman”

Our Pick of The Week- “The Batman”

Release date:
Theatrical & Digital Release: 4, March, 2022

UK Distributor:
Warner Bros

Running time: 2h 55min

Action, Drama, Crime

Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Jeffrey Wright

Matt Reeves

Film Synopsis:

The Batman has finally landed. The hugely talented Matt Reeves has delivered a visually stunning and engaging action, crime, drama. The Batman with Robert Pattinson making his debut as the caped crusader is not your usual superhero/ comic book movie but a very good Batman movie. This is a film that can appeal to non superhero genre audiences. A fast past, eclectic story with great visual effects, cinematography and action. Its griity and entertaining. The characters were wonderful and shout out to Paul Dano whose perfomance as the Riddler is fantastic.
We felt this was an all round fun, engaging and entertaining movie with fast pacing but felt it didn’t need a long running time. You’ve been warned, this is a long movie.
The Batman is released in UK cinemas now.

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