Our Pick of The Week- “Red Rocket”

Our Pick of The Week- “Red Rocket”

Release date:
Theatrical & Digital Release: 11, March, 2022

UK Distributor:

Running time: 2h 10min

Comedy, Drama

Simon Red, Bree Elrod, Suzanna Son

Sean Baker

Film Synopsis:

Red Rocket is a comedy drama film by rising independent filmmaker Sean Barker of the Florida Project. A simple story that is both natural and authentic in tone. The main character Mickey (played by Simon Red) is a pornstar that returns to his hometown after 20 years. This is a  character created to make audience’s not root for him. He is manipulative, selfish and has no empathy. Some nice scenes and moments and good interactions with supporting characters albeit several are non actors.
This film had alot of positive critic reviews last year likely due to limited films. We know a film like this will not be to everyone’s taste but its entertaining in parts and worth a watch at cinemas if seeking something different from more mainstream film.
Red Rocket is released in UK cinemas now.

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