UFP Film Club Film Review – Matrix Resurrections

by Dean Mathura (UFP Film Club volunteer)

Well that was interesting. To be honest I don’t really want to make a full review for the Matrix Resurrections as I am a big fan of the 1st film and so are most of the UFP Film Club volunteers. I’ll try to keep this brief, not keen on wasting anyone’s time like Matrix Resurrections especially during a 4th wave of Covid.

The casting for me was a major factor, no Lawrence Fishbourne? No Hugo Weaving? The replacements? Both put in credible performances as Morpheus and Agent Smith but for some reasons it didn’t resonate for me. Honourable mention to Jessica Henwick who was a standout, a definite movie star in the making.
Carrie Anne Moss and Keanu Reeves put on solid believable characters that don’t deviate from previous films in the Matrix franchise.

The story is a bit of a dud, almost felt like fan fiction and considering they left it 18 years to make the forth installment, it seemed every considerable idea had already been thought up by some Matrix fan.

The look of the film itself felt like a TV movie. This seems critical but it’s the Matrix. It didn’t feel cinematic in the slightest, more like an extended Senses 8 episode straight onto netflix. There were some good action sequences though but no new film effect or special wow moment.

Overall the film is decent, felt unintentionally long and I had hoped my expectations would be surpassed by the quality trailers released. I’ve been quite negative about the film, it’s on par with reloaded and revolutions which weren’t bad but not great either. It is worth a shout to go see during the festive break if you want to see a film in the cinema, mildly entertaining.

Merry Xmas to you all.

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