First look at The Freestyle, possibly Samsung’s most fun product yet

One of Samsung’s most surprising and arguably exciting products unveiled at CES in Las Vegas is The Freestyle. What is it? Well, in case you missed the news, it’s a new portable projector-smart speaker hybrid that could one day replace your TV. And yes, Samsung has somehow kept it a secret until its official unveiling at CES 2022.

We managed to get an exclusive first look at The Freestyle from Samsung at the event in Las Vegas, and we’re glad to share our experience in a new video (seen below).

We must admit that, even though most of us weren’t in the market for a projector, The Freestyle looks like a fun product that appeals to us on some level. Perhaps it’s the portable nature. Or the fact that it seamlessly combines the functionality of a smart TV with a smart speaker in a compact, lightweight package, complete with music visualizers and an ambient light mode. It has many tricks up its sleeve.

Have a colored wall? Worry not. Automatic color calibration takes care of that

The Freestyle adjusts and calibrates the image based on the color of the wall on which it’s projected. There’s more. It also takes advantage of keystone correction and auto-leveling. These technologies, combined, deliver a seamless user experience with no complicated setup process standing between you and your entertainment.

The device works with standard E26 light sockets — should you want to hang the projector from your ceiling — and USB-C power banks.

It can project content on a 30-to-100-inch area at 1080p resolution. It has smart TV functionalities, access to streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and it’s capable of mirroring content from your phone. Oh, and it can be voice-controlled through Bixby.

Samsung will also be selling a range of accessories that let you customize your projector to your liking. Check our exclusive first look at The Freestyle below, and stay tuned for more exciting news from CES 2022.



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