UFP Film Club Film Review – Ambulance

UFP Film Club Film Review – Ambulance

by Justin King (UFP Film Club volunteer)


For a Michael Bay film, this was alot of fun.
Is it on the same epic levels of Armageddon or Bad Boys 1 and 2, No. I would say it’s similar to his solid movies like the 1st Transformers movie, Pain and Gain, The Rock, Pearl Harbor and 13 Hours.


Ambulance is actually based on a 2005 Danish film by the same name. In this frantic, fast paced and glossy looking film, we follow Jake Gyllenhall and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II who are brothers, one good, one “bad” and their mission of stealing millions of dollars from a bank goes horribly wrong but when they jump into an ambulance with a cop who’s dying and a paramedic – played by Eliza Gonzalez – gives them enough time to try and escape from the hundreds of cops chasing them down with America also watching the car chase on live TV


The film is quite compelling and incredibly tense for the first half hour thanks to some real good music created by composer Lorne Balfe. The close up camera shots of our main characters complimented with the passion from our three main actors really keeps this movie going during the second act with the MVP being Eliza Gonzalez. She felt very believable considering the farfetched situation her character found herself in.


Some incredible looking swooping drone camera shots from Michael Bay, I’d say Michael Bay but it was more the work of FPV drone expert Alex Vanover, who swoops up buildings, spins the camera around and then swoops back down like we’re seeing what superman generally sees when he’s flying. Some seriously gorgeous and innovative shots which are quite frequent throughout its 2 hour + running time. CGI was good but car chase scenes looked real and dangerous.


Definitely a great time to be had with some friends and for a Michael Bay film, it’s worth watching on the big screen for the thrill and excitement.

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