Celebrating LGBTQ History Month?

Signature Move coming to UFP Film Club Virtual Cinema this February (2021)

Nasreen Anderson, an Investigations Lawyer at the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) and Communications Officer with the NMC BME Staff Network committee shares her insights on what she is looking forward to seeing from Signature Move and the Live QA panel discussion featuring Fawzia Mirza, actress, writer, and producer of the film.

“ The NMC BME Network is really excited to be working with the NMC LGBT+ Network this month. On Thursday 25 February 2021 we will be holding a virtual screening for Signature Move. We will also be hosting a live Q&A session with the writer and star of the movie, Fawzia Mirza, after the screening.

The movie tells the story of a Pakistani, Muslim, lesbian who discovers a love of wrestling. It is a showcase for understanding intersectionality, as the overlapping identities of race, gender, and sexual orientation for the lead character, Zaynab, make her experiences very different from those of her love interest, Alma.

I’m personally really looking forward to watching the movie. I first saw Bend It Like Beckham around the time that I discovered boxing, and I found it instantly relatable as a Muslim female who was also struggling to get her parents to accept her interest in the sport. It meant a lot to me to have that narrative out there and normalized. I hope this movie is equally as impactful to its viewers, particularly as it features sexual orientation – a topic that is still taboo in many Asian communities.

We are lucky to have Fawzia joining us for the live Q&A session after the movie. Fawzia describes herself as a queer, South Asian Muslim woman. Her parents were born in India and migrated to Pakistan. She was born in Canada and later moved to America. Fawzia’s identity is her favorite storytelling genre and the movie draws on Fawzia’s own experiences of dating a Mexican woman. She tried to keep her casting as authentic as possible by giving Mexican actress, Sari Sanchez, the role of Alma”.  

Signature Move will be available to purchase and stream for a short period on UFP Film Club virtual cinema.

Nasreen Anderson

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