We welcome you to our second Autumn/Winter online film programme programme – 12 Days of Christmas (or 12DAYS2020).

The countdown to Christmas has already begun and we plan on showing a selection of feature/ short films, digital talks/ events and an online workshop for you to enjoy over 12 Days via our Virtual Cinema and via Zoom. We would like to thank our collaborators Caribbean Pop Up Cinema (CPUC) and Chit Chat UK and our partners Cinema For All, Modern Films, Together Films, and Signature Entertainment. We would also like to thank you for your support and patience during this challenging and difficult year we all have faced together.

Remember, all welcome, come and join us

Film Screening & Videos

A Kid Like Jake

Alex Wheeler and her husband, Greg, are trying to find the right primary school for their 4-year-old son, Jake. Described as gender-expansive by his adviser, Jake's increasingly erratic behavior starts to cause a rift between the couple. Alex worries that the adults in her son's life are labeling him prematurely, while Greg wonders if Jake's fondness for dressing up might be more than just a phase.

Time Out

The director of Sherrybaby brings you this heart-warming buddy comedy on love and friendship. In between caring for her ailing mother, (Academy Award winner Whoopi Goldberg: Sister Act), a young woman (Tessa Thompson: Selma, Thor: Ragnarok) works part time at a nearby prison. The rookie guard soon gets a chance to prove her mettle when she’s tasked with accompanying.

Black or White Movie

Elliot fights to seek custody of his granddaughter against Rowena, her paternal grandmother, leaving the young girl in a difficult situation of choice.Black or White is a 2014 American drama film written and directed by Mike Binder. The film stars Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer, Gillian Jacobs, Jennifer Ehle, Anthony Mackie and Bill Burr.


Perspectives Shorts Corner

We are pleased to showcase four short films examining how film can help us to understand other people’s perspective on the world.

Here/Not Here

One rundown youth club and three gangs with nothing in common but for their belief that they have the exclusive right to the youth club.

Tensions rise and tempers flare as they clash and battle for territory.

This hip hop dance drama explores the use of movement, sign languages football and the visual vernacular.

Good Dog

A young man tells the story of a young dog and the decisions the animal makes as it reacts to its environment and the people it comes into contact with whitest living in inner city London.

The man draws parallels with his own life and those of the dog, with the decision he has made that have taken him to a specific conclusion in his life.

Seaside Stables

A snapshot of horse-racing culture in Barbados reveals a peek at the island’s fastest horses as they take their daily sea bath.

Cross My Heart

An American teenage girl visits her family in Jamaica and learns a secret that changes the way she sees her family. “The film asks the question: What happens when the person you love hurts the person you love?

Digital Talks

Exclusive Live QA panel discussion
following A Girl From Mogadishu virtual screening(s) hosted by Denyce Blackman (founder of Carribean Pop Up Up Cinema)


Sunday 13 December 2020/7pm/via Zoom


This panel discussion will touch on topics and themes including, film representation, film narratives and how to engage audiences with non mainstream cinema. Audience engagement will be encouraged as ever throughout this digital talk.

A round table discussion hosted by our community outreach partner and collaborator Chit Chat UK


Sunday 20 December 2020/7.30pm/via Zoom


Two individuals from UFP Film Club and two individuals from Chit Chat UK self help group will participate in an in depth discussion exploring mental health,  isolation and loneliness during the festive period, film talent and stories. This is a closed discussion and audience participation is welcomed.
A Conversation with Wale Raji (Conversation Series)


Monday 21 December 2020


Martin de Graft-Johnson (UFP Film Club founder) will engage in a full conversation with Wale Raji (emerging film director, music video director, film professional) covering key themes and topics concluding challenges associated with engaging non black audiences with black stories, lived experiences working in the UK film and video industry, career progression and sustainability and the future of cinema.

Introduction to short film making (online workshop) with Boulomsouk Svadphaiphane

Tuesday 15 December 2020 – 7pm – Wednesday 23 December 2020 – 7pm

A two part online live workshop hosted by Boulomsouk Svadphaiphane, a French author, director and photographer and a long-term supporter and advocate of the UFP Film Club and our initiatives.

The first workshop will look at the concept of beauty and how this is portrayed in films. The second part of the workshop will look at the responsibility of films (of creation) and its impact within our society. These workshops will be both theoretical and  practical and audience engagement will be welcomed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If a film or virtual screening ticket is pre-ordered via Modern Films before the release date, you will only receive the exclusive link on the day of the film’s release. A receipt will be emailed to you detailing the information of your order. If a film or virtual screening ticket is purchased via vimeo, you will be provided with the password and able to watch the film immediately on purchase for a short period of time. If any technical issues arise on the day of the film release please contact ufpfilmclub@gmail.com or send us a DM

Similar to a physical cinema ticket, the virtual ticket allows you to watch new release or general films online (via exclusive links). By purchasing a virtual screening ticket you will be directly supporting our virtual cinema – the revenue is shared between the distributor and UFP Film Club (a volunteer led, not for profit, community cinema).

Once you’ve purchased a film, you will be able to start watching that film immediately (unless the film has been pre-ordered before release). You will  receive a link to the film via email (and via WhatsApp in the UK upon request). Please note, the film will only be available for a viewing window of 48 hours before it deletes itself off your device or removed from our team entirely.

Where descriptive subtitles and/or audio description for a film are made available, this will be individually noted in film’s information section. Once purchased, you will receive links for all available versions. You will then be able to choose which version of the film you prefer to watch; Original, Descriptive Subtitled (SDH), or Audio Described (AD). Please note, we cannot always confirm that alternative versions of the film will be available to audiences, please check before purchase.

Film streaming is an online/digital viewing service. Unlike downloading, streaming an on-demand film does not leave a downloaded copy of that film on your device. Once purchased, the streamed film will be available to watch for a space of two-days (48 hours) before it deletes itself from your device or removed from our team entirely. Streaming a film is dependent on the availability of that film on an on-demand service.

Due to the current unforeseen circumstances surrounding Covid-19, new films initially scheduled for release in cinema are now being released digitally/online. Consequently, these films have been set at Premium Prices in lieu of in-theatre prices and agreed with our programme partners.

The films availble as part of our virtual cinema are only available for purchase and streaming in the UK and Ireland only. Purchases outside of these regions are not available. If there are any specific or further queries about online film availability please contact ufpfilmclub@gmail.com or send us a DM

Our programme partner Modern Films streaming service is compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone and Android. Devices can be connected to televisions for film viewing. Currently, there is no app for Smart TV services. Please refer to Vimeo FAQs about streaming service compatibility.